26 Dec 2013

Happy Silly Hat Party!

This year after struggling again with the phoniness and materialism embedded into christmas I decided to inject into it my own meaning; what I believed are we supposed to be celebrating, or reminding ourselves of.

For starters, well, forget about the birthday boy. No-can-do. The very person that supposedly is having a birthday on december 25th was one of the most prolific and read about speakers against materialism and personal possessions got totally overthrown by the mass media propaganda being spewed out into every family's living room - and now thanks to smartphones and internet ads, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms as well.

That lead me to thinking how much people like the presents, so this must be a celebration about presents; maybe I could interpret that as THE present, you know, the one we live in, the never ceasing point of existence, the NOW, the thing that "sits" forever between the concepts of past and future... that's my key to understanding. I am not defining christmas as anything other than what it is: a celebration of presents; I am only skewing the idea of a present from a wrapped box with a trinket to the instant that we all live on.

So how to celebrate this party then? What would best re-present the present at the present party?

My answer: A Silly Hat!

The Silly Hat is a great representation for the present first of all because you're not supposed to take it seriously and that is also true for our daily lives.

On top of that, we are always wearing silly hats no matter what... the sad part is people don't seem to notice or even care that the silly hats they have in their heads were not made or put there by them, but by other people: parents, teachers, weird friends, co-workers. We walk around life carrying these hats in our heads and cheering for them, defending them like they are truly ours, but they are not. Most of the times we don't really even like our funny hats or think about just changing them, we just carry on wearing.

Some of the silly hats we use are installed used a technological device called tele-vision; how weird is that name? The ungodly priests that control the tele-vision apparatus use it to imprint into people's heads some very strange silly hats, which makes them hurt and hate each other, while ALSO defending those silly hats as they were theirs somehow and committing themselves to wearing them for life, criticising any other silly hats that people might like to wear, without realising their hats are silly too.

That's another message of the silly hat: you have yours, I have mine, none of us can take ours seriously so none of us must criticize another's silly hats. They are all silly. Again: ALL HATS ARE SILLY, even the ones we call helmets (wearing a helmet to ride a bike might not seem like a silly thing at first, because the silly idea is not wearing the helmet, but riding the bike. The same goes to most helmets, except the astronaut's; that might be the only non-silly hat that mankind has developed so far).

Maybe that's also the reason why Santa wears his:

So this christmas I had a little art project of making my silly hat (accompanied by my beloved mother, who did hers too) and proudly wore it, took some pictures, and explained to my family what that meant to me. It was a very nice new holyday tradition, and I will try to keep it. Next christmas join us, and make your silly hat! All the while, thinking about the silly hats you wear, who put them in your head, and why do you still keep wearing them.

Happy Silly Hat Party!