11 Dec 2013

Marc Maron on the Pete Holmes Show

These are two comedians that I love very much =)

I first got to know about Marc Maron on the "Comedy and Everything Else" podcast, when "WTF" was on episode 8 or something. I got hooked right away; at the time I was also deeply in debt and in a shitty job, in a place where chaos was the norm.

After a while one time I had a fun experience watching the movie "Avatar" and I wrote it down and send to Marc. My biggest surprise, a few weeks later, was to suddenly hear him reading my email on the show!

That was amazing. I was proud and thrilled, specially because he said at some point "that's a beautiful line"; he basically called me a poet!

Which I define myself as, for sure.

Many months later my life changes: I break up with my girlfriend of twelve years and move out. I am twenty nine years old and singleness hits me for the first time; I am living life, partying hard =) but I don't forget my guru's words, my spiritual guidance. So when listening to one of WTF's episodes and hearing Marc having some karma trouble, I wrote to him again, my take on that.

Another few months pass by and he read that too! That's what's cool about it: he read my email, thought it was good, and SAVED it for a special live episode, number 299! I was sooooo happy when I heard it, it was seven in the morning, I was getting ready to go to work. People laughed! A lot! - of course, Marc does a great job interpreting it.

Nowadays though I've come to know more of Pete Holmes (heard of him from Conan stuff) and I love him! It's very synchronous because his ideas and philosophies match a lot with what I have been understanding about reality =)

It aired on the same day I bought a bible and one of his guests is a pastor!

My favorite sketch is the "Ex-Men" for Angel. That is HILARIOUS!! BIIIIIRRRRRRD!!!

And Marc's new special on Netflix, "Thinky Pain", is a MASTERPIECE. I will only say one thing about it: "GOOGLE IT!! GOooOooOoOgle IT!!" HaHAHAHAHa

So much love to you both, oh greats of comedy! Hope you are reading this ;)