18 Dec 2013

Musings on Some

You start one way, turn around, transmute, learn; stroll a bit, spends that sunday on the couch, observes the paint dry while there's more to paint, thinks, holds a secret, tell another and regrets it, teaches something that changes someone's life, gives an opinion that makes another cry.

You keep seeking the goal of peace knowing that it is only momentaneous and even if it were permanent it would only make everything very boring; events bother you, news shock you, work torments you, neighbors annoy you and family drives you crazy; "that's life" and "I got to have patience" become mantras, repeated, repeated.

Every moment has the same duration but our bio-sensory machinery distorts the perception and an hour in traffic goes by like four, one in your lover's arms but a minute; goes by, by, bye.

Each torment is a blessing that teaches and makes you stronger, but our spirits feel tired with this or that anyway, the highest castle at the highest mountain with the most wonderful view can still be cold, so, so cold.

We think we can suspend happiness when it comes, freeze it in a plastic tray so that it's so solid you'd need to twist it to remove it only to - at the moment you're going to put it in the freezer of your temporal lobe - hit it on the walls and overflow everything, falling on the floor.

We speak with the clarity we can using the systems we have and still every message is misinterpreted with a degree of error, sometimes tolerable sometimes not, but always present. Failures are intrinsic to communications systems and when distorted by the perception set of the recipient, then, they almost melt away.

Let it go. So much has been written anyway...