7 Dec 2013

My Vote

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Currently at this time, there is a conversation going on over at the Interstellar Alliance about the enumeration of the laws of creation and our human civilization has been invited to this discussion, so here I am arguing my point.

Previously it has been communicated to us that there were four laws of creation, being:

  1. You Exist.
  2. The One is the All, the All is the One.
  3. What you put out is what you get back.
  4. Everything changes, except the first three laws.

And the proposition now is to expand this list to five, being:

  1. You Exist.
  2. Everything is here and now
  3. The One is the All, the All is the One.
  4. What you put out is what you get back.
  5. Everything changes, except the previous four laws.

This discussion is presented on Bashar's lecture entitled "The 5th Law". In that video, he askes people in the audience for their vote, what option they like the best, and people voted unanimously for five laws, citing mostly "clarity" as a reason for their choice.

I agree that more clarity does comes out of the list of five. I also like the concept that five is the number for mankind. Four seems like a more stable number, five seems more... esoteric.

I think five laws make it clearer because "Everything is here and now" is not an easily extracted concept out of the list of four. Read it again. Does it seem obvious? I don't think so.

In my experience incorporating Bashar's teachings and living with them, I found two concepts hard to follow: that time and space are illusions, and that the outside doesn't exist, it's a reflection. And synchronistically, when I got to know Bashar I was reading books about these very concepts.

Granted, if "I exist" and "The One is the All, the All is the One" I must conclude that I am me but I am also the chair I'm sitting in, I am all my past lives, I am Abraham Lincoln, I am you, dear reader; and in order for me to be able to be all those things, time and space have to kick from the outside so all this boiling particle soup that I am can make some sense, can look at itself and go "ah! I see."

But that's a big jump to make. Removing time and space out of our mental framework is not simple, it's ingrained. Takes a lot of i-magi-nation to do.

So adding a reminder that "everything is here and now" is good, however, I do have two problems with that.

First, is that I don't like the word "everything". It is too misused. It's part of what I call "the four all-encompassing words": nothing, everything, always, never. People have used these word wrongfully so many times (such as "every one likes this movie") that they have lost the power connected to the absolutism that they entail. Can you imagine "every-thing"? Of course not.

So I'd change the wording.

Secondly, I believe the order must be changed too. I think that "everything is here and now" can only be extracted from the other laws if you think about the first two, not only the first.

So my suggestion is for five laws, ordered and worded as such:

  1. You Exist.
  2. The One is the All, the All is the One.
  3. All is now, time and space are self perspectives
  4. What you put out is what you get back.
  5. Everything changes, except the previous four laws.

This way we get rid of the pesky "everything" and reinforce the fact that time and space are perspectives of the self.

I find it very interesting that this new addition reinforces the concept of the now-5th law, that everything - and here the word applied correctly, mind you - changes, except the previous four laws; in such a way that even the last law itself is susceptible to change, and the very ordering of the previous laws too!

I purchased "the 5th law" after a break from watching Bashar videos, because I felt I needed to process what I had seen previously. Synchronistically enough, the one I had seen before that was Bashar 2.0, in which he tells us that from now on he would be treating us more like a class:

We will begin in a new way, with a new approach, by saying: 'Good Morning, class'

Now this 5th law interaction was very class-like. I noticed it right away, and was very glad; there is a lot of synchronicity going on at all nows, and a lot of consistency in these lectures. I love them =)

I am very happy to have been able to perceive these thoughtforms, to integrate them in my self and have a better experience of the beautiful rain of Godtrons flowing by. I am learning a lot, and this is my opinion on the matter of the laws.