4 Dec 2013

New Renewals

(ler esse artigo em português)

My name is Luciano and this is my nth blog; yeah.

Ha-ha. Life is funny and cyclical =)

Wavy, "like a wave at sea", yeah.

Like a wave at sea =)

Like so were my apparitions on the internet dimension; here and there, several internetsy corners.

The spaces between apparitions brought changes, brought learning of all kinds, a strokes of luck =)

Happiness and surprising overturns; environmental movement, constructionally freeing, eliminating paradigms. Revolution.

Jumping over dimensions is a native thing, so let's learn to bend our knees and soften the journey as we can, smiling and enjoying ourselves.

Logic fits circularly across the cosmos, in the shape on infinity, like a lying down figure eight - lazy? ;)

A lot of ideas have been floating, no media able to follow through... so this is another binary electronic registry, loose on the aether, "on" the internet. Ha.

Nomenclatures, paradigm, sedimentation... digging thrugh the limestone walls of the pyramids of our minds; loosing cements, dusting up.

From here now on everything will be different, true at all times; to be "the same", to join stasis is merely to change glacially, the change is still inevitable. Billions of times per second.

In the spirit of constant change, of stunning observations and fervorous writing, reset (in a way).

Welcome be.