7 Dec 2013

The Poem that Saved Everyone

Done by improvisation one afternoon when my lovely girlfriend Mariza was cooking for us <3

Dedicated to my beloved brother Leandro, who's the one who's usually by my side =)

The Poem that Saved Everyone

We should write more poems.

You and I?

The whole of mankind should write more poems my love...

Well there's a lot of fucking poems honey!

Then we should also read more poems.

I think they should be read more.

Then some day someone might say

"That was the poem that saved everone"

"Oh really grandpa? That was the poem that saved everyone?"

Yes my son, it was a beautiful poem...

And how did the poem go, grandpa?

Well grandson

The poem was titled "Let's stop with the bullshit"

And it read

"People of the world,
Let's stop with the bullshit"

Twelve billion, nine hundred and eighty seven million,

four hundred and forty two thousand,

eigth hundred and ten times. 12.987.442.810

That same phrase.

Because that was the amount of humans on Earth at the time.

We knew it because of Facebook.

Everyone had Facebook on those days my son...

What's Facebook grandad?

Oh that's another story my son

It was basically a method of calculating how many people there were on Earth

at any given moment

and what kind of cats did they like

And once that poem was read my son, out loud, just once,

it took a loooong time...
it took a loooong time...

it was one brave woman called Mariza who did it

And after that, people started stopping with the nonsense, with the bullshit

and everything was fine and dandy in two years!

Two years grandad? That's so quick!

Yeah my kid, but Facebook was a powerful tool.

And everyone had Facebook. It was glorious.

How come we don't have that anymore grandad?

Well my son

Facebook was bullshit; and as I said, people stopped with the bullshit.

In fact Facebook was the last bullshit that people turned off...

and on that they when they turned it off and they deleted all the databases and all the pictures and all the information

when mankind let go of trying to figure out all their shit about themselves

everything was fine and dandy.

That's why we don't have Facebook anymore my son.