My name is Luciano De Maria Leal; I was born on june 4th, 1982.

I am a programmer by profession, but I like to call myself a writer really (I do write all the time, most of it is computer code but not all of it).

I was a hardcore athest for about 10 years (most of my 20s) when I got back into meditation and soon thereafter met my dear guru, Swami Satsangi Saraswati; she was a big part of my transformation back into a person of consciousness and intuition.

I love stand up comedy, follow several known podcasts and am very proud of being (as of this date) the only fan to have two emails read on Marc Maron's "WTF Podcast" (episodes 41 and 299, when I talked about enjoying the life ride). I also love Joe Rogan (who tuned me to Terence McKenna), Pete Holmes (a lovely explorer of life) and Lorenzo Hagerty, amongst others.

I got in touch with Bashar in september 2012 and I have been following his "method" of

Follow your highest excitement to the best of your ability with no expectation of the outcome

to much success and happiness =)  I evolved a lot. Being a whole person.

I also make music under the name "Sãnnylux"; here's my soundcloud.

I have created some guided meditations before, specially on how to sleep, but I have some others too.

If you'd like to connect and be constructive, please email me.